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Connect store to the Android app

WooCommerce Android supports several methods for logging in, after which you can select a store to connect to the app.

Our Welcome screen will display upon downloading the app.

  1. Select LOG IN. This takes you to the Login with Site Address screen.
  2. Enter the Site Address (URL): The site address of your WooCommerce store. For example: www.mystore.com
  3. Click NEXT: You’ll be taken to a screen where you can choose to either login with the email address associated with your wordpress.com account, or with Google.

Log in with your email address

To log with your email address:

  1. Enter the email address associated with your WordPress.com account. Note: WordPress.com and Jetpack are connected.
  2. NEXT. The Magic Link screen will appear.
  3. Select whether to use Magic Link or enter your password. Magic Link sends an email with a link to complete the login experience without entering a password.
    • Select SEND LINK to use Magic Link. Another screen displays with prompts you to tap OPEN EMAIL to be routed to your email app. Locate the email containing a link to open the app, and tap the link to continue.


If login is successful, and the site entered matches the authenticated account, and the site has WooCommerce installed, you will have successfully logged into the App and will be routed to the home screen.

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